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102 Home Sales in Torrance in August with Avg over $1.0M!

Torrance real estate recap for June 2023

August was a fantastic month for both the number of homes that sold and the prices that they sold for.  There were 102 on market home sales compared with a very solid 87 in July and 89 in June.

According to Torrance real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s, this was the biggest month for the number of closed escrows since July of 2022.

The average “asking” price  was a very impressive $1,016,187 with the average sold price at $1,043,586 meaning that homes generally sold well above the asking price.

The average dollar per square foot for the homes that sold in August was $685 and the average days on market was an EXTREMELY brief 23 before going into pending status. Median days on market were only 11!See how that compares with other months on our Torrance real estate trends and statistics page.

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Torrance homes for sale

Torrance Home Sales and Prices for August 2023

Home Type AddressPrice$ Per Sq FtBed/BathSq FeetAge
SFR/D1626 W205th ST$825,000$554.813/2,0,0,01487/A1952/ASR
SFR/D1303 W214th ST$870,000$557.694/0,2,0,01560/A1959/ASR
SFR21317Halldale AVE$1,020,000$607.503/2,0,0,01679/1964
CONDO/A20557 SVermont AVE #8$525,000$542.362/2,0,0,0968/A1982/ASR
CONDO21415 SVermont AVE #47$526,000$592.342/2,0,0,0888/1990
SFR/D21524Meyler ST$675,000$467.453/2,0,0,01444/A1956/ASR
SFR/D1554 WPlaza Del Amo$737,080$509.383/2,0,0,01447/A2023/BLD
SFR/D724Gian DR$750,000$487.014/2,0,0,01540/A1968/ASR
SFR/D906Belson ST$750,000$778.013/1,0,0,0964/A1953/PUB
SFR/D1045 W227th ST$800,000$829.883/1,0,0,0964/A1954/ASR
CONDO/D1065Park Circle DR$828,000$509.853/2,0,1,01624/A1984/ASR
SFR/D21324Meyler AVE$830,000$642.913/2,0,0,01291/A1959/ASR
CONDO/A1242Bonnet WAY$858,147$503.614/3,0,1,01704/B2023/BLD
CONDO/A1254Bonnet WAY$899,990$528.164/3,0,1,01704/B2023/BLD
CONDO/A24510Park ST$665,000$757.402/1,0,0,0878/A1984/ASR
SFR/D24835Winlock DR$976,000$905.383/2,0,0,01078/A1949/APP
SFR/D3001Lazy Meadows$1,200,000$539.813/2,0,1,02223/A1975/ASR
TWNHS/D24236Ocean AVE$1,299,000$616.813/2,0,1,02106/A2019/ASR
SFR/D3219Singingwood DR$1,415,000$703.983/1,1,1,02010/A1976/ASR
SFR24253Ward ST$1,420,000$855.423/2,0,0,01660/E1956
SFR/D2854Sunnyglen RD$1,590,000$619.404/2,1,1,02567/A1976/ASR
SFR/D24409Neece AVE$1,600,000$622.084/2,0,1,02572/A2001/ASR
SFR/D2916Briarwood DR$1,865,000$547.404/3,0,1,03407/A1976/ASR
SFR/D2722Clarellen ST$2,451,000$766.665/2,1,1,03197/A2023/BLD
COOP/A3205Merrill DR #27$589,000$436.302/1,1,0,01350/E1963/ASR
TWNHS/A2800Plaza Del Amo #245$735,000$675.552/1,1,1,01088/A1988/ASR
TWNHS/A3101Plaza Del Amo #45$775,000$653.462/3,0,0,01186/A1986/ASR
CONDO/A2563Plaza Del Amo #411$820,000$703.862/2,0,1,01165/A1985/ASR
TWNHS/A2615Plaza Del Amo #641$850,000$624.082/2,0,1,01362/A1987/ASR
CONDO/A2555Plaza Del Amo #I$949,000$483.442/2,0,1,01963/E1984/ASR
TWNHS/A2800Plaza Del Amo #74$955,000$680.203/2,0,1,01404/A1989/ASR
SFR/D2751Onrado ST$1,173,000$999.153/1,0,0,01174/A1951/ASR
SFR/D2826El Dorado$1,200,000$641.034/2,0,0,01872/A1951/ASR
SFR/D1109Kornblum AVE$1,225,000$715.963/2,0,0,01711/A1951/PUB
CONDO/A24410Crenshaw BLVD #213$388,000$522.211/1,0,0,0743/A1987/ASR
CONDO/A24410Crenshaw BLVD #205$550,000$495.052/1,1,0,01111/A1987/PUB
CONDO/A22715Nadine CIR #B$575,000$514.772/2,0,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A23011Nadine CIR #A$585,000$523.722/2,0,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22713Maple AVE #A$590,000$621.051/2,0,0,0950/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22954Nadine CIR #B$620,000$555.062/1,1,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22711Maple Ave AVE #A$659,000$589.972/2,0,0,01117/A1963/ASR
TWNHS/A2602 W235th ST$870,000$515.713/1,1,1,01687/A1971/ASR
SFR/D2674 W232nd ST$1,650,000$819.674/2,0,1,02013/A1965/ASR
SFR/D2680 W231st ST$1,685,000$651.595/1,2,0,02586/A1965/ASR
SFR/D4708Greenmeadows AVE$1,290,000$724.313/2,0,0,01781/A1953/ASR
SFR/D4506Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,560,000$972.574/2,0,0,01604/A1956/ASR
SFR/D22209Susana AVE$1,235,000$885.303/2,0,0,01395/A1954/PUB
SFR/D22603Ladeene AVE$1,500,000$857.143/2,0,1,01750/A1953/PUB
SFR/D22720Linda DR$1,680,000$847.204/3,0,0,01983/T1952/ASR
SFR/D5210Zakon RD$2,375,000$904.074/4,0,0,02627/A2023/EST
CONDO/A21345Hawthorne BLVD #325$590,000$646.931/1,0,0,0912/B2005/ASR
SFR21614Scannel AVE$1,632,307$837.084/1,2,0,01950/A1955/ASR
SFR/A20021Wayne Ave$1,150,000$989.673/2,0,0,01162/A1956/ASR
SFR/D5102Carmelynn ST$1,175,000$1,049.113/1,0,0,01120/A1955/ASR
SFR/D4709Darien ST$1,200,000$1,071.433/1,0,0,01120/A1954/ASR
SFR/D5007Halison ST$1,250,000$694.833/2,0,0,01799/A1955/ASR
SFR/D4909White CT$1,250,000$824.543/1,1,0,01516/A1962/ASR
SFR/D5503Towers ST$1,295,000$1,121.213/2,0,0,01155/A1956/ASR
SFR/D20017Wayne AVE$1,330,000$636.064/3,0,0,02091/A1956/ASR
SFR/D5123Halison ST$1,350,000$1,021.183/1,1,0,01322/A1955/ASR
SFR/D5015Halison ST$1,385,000$624.444/3,0,0,02218/A1973/ASR
SFR/D4915Spencer ST$1,510,000$674.114/1,2,0,02240/A1963/ASR
SFR/D5609Konya DR$2,265,000$986.073/2,0,1,02297/A1959/ASR
SFR/D3333 W183rd ST$793,000$478.863/1,1,0,01656/A1956/ASR
SFR/D3423 W189th ST$815,000$824.063/1,1,0,0989/A1950/ASR
SFR/D18902Doty AVE$892,000$654.443/2,0,0,01363/A1953/APP
SFR/D4129 W179th ST$936,200$731.984/2,0,0,01279/A1955/ASR
SFR4127 W175th ST$942,000$819.133/1,0,0,01150/1953
SFR/D18021Glenburn AVE$950,000$722.433/1,1,0,01315/A1955/ASR
SFR/D3111 W180th PL$960,000$783.673/2,0,0,01225/A1955/ASR
SFR/D3717186th ST W$1,000,000$802.573/1,1,0,01246/A1956/ASR
SFR/D17507Faysmith AVE$1,085,000$685.843/0,2,0,01582/A1950/ASR
SFR/D17205Amie AVE$1,125,000$743.063/2,0,0,01514/A1953/ASR
SFR/D3758 W181st ST$1,175,000$844.114/1,1,0,01392/A1953/ASR
SFR3938Thornburgh PL$1,196,000$742.404/2,0,0,01611/1959
TWNHS/A2027Artesia BLVD #C$670,000$660.102/2,0,0,01015/A1987/ASR
TWNHS/A18429Van Ness AVE$750,000$567.753/2,0,1,01321/A1964/ASR
SFR/D2105 W177th ST$810,000$754.892/1,0,0,01073/A1953/ASR
SFR/D2010West 179th Street$877,000$694.383/1,1,0,01263/A1956/ASR
SFR/D16110Illinois CT$1,100,000$565.844/1,2,0,01944/A1950/ASR
SFR/D2025 W178th ST$1,135,000$921.273/2,0,0,01232/S1953/ASR
SFR2309 W185th ST$1,169,000$656.743/2,0,1,01780/A1955/ASR
SFR/D18616Manhattan PL$1,338,000$642.964/2,0,1,02081/A1968/ASR
CONDO/A2742Cabrillo AVE #205$395,000$589.551/1,0,0,0670/P2006/PUB
TWNHS/A1528Marcelina AVE #D$670,000$794.782/1,0,0,0843/A1991/PUB
SFR/D2221Del Amo BLVD$700,000$815.853/1,0,0,0858/A1920/ASR
SFR/D1860Plaza Del Amo$800,000$735.973/1,0,0,01087/P1916/PUB
TWNHS/A830Arlington Avenue$815,000$548.083/2,0,1,01487/P2003/PUB
TWNHS/A1632Gramercy AVE #3$855,000$521.344/2,0,1,01640/A2010/PUB
TWNHS/D1824Torrance BLVD$940,000$518.193/3,0,1,01814/A2000/ASR
TWNHS/A2762 W235th ST$807,000$610.902/2,0,0,01321/A1999/ASR
SFR/D2236 W236th ST$900,000$681.823/1,1,0,01320/A1955/ASR
SFR/D2355 W228th ST$1,020,000$657.223/1,1,0,01552/A1962/ASR
SFR/D2231 W237th ST$1,075,000$411.403/3,0,0,02613/A1955/ASR
SFR/D1946 W233rd ST$1,115,000$728.763/1,1,0,01530/A1961/ASR
SFR/D2062 W234th ST$1,555,000$635.214/1,2,0,02448/A1965/ASR
CONDO/A22234 SVermont AVE #203B$520,000$541.102/2,0,0,0961/A1985/OTH
CONDO/A22230 SVermont AVE #203B$550,000$572.322/2,0,0,0961/A1985/ASR
CONDO/A1444 W227th ST #9$565,000$475.593/3,0,0,01188/A1982/PUB
SFR/D1751 W245th ST$1,000,000$686.813/1,0,0,01456/A1952/ASR
414 Paseo De La Playa Redondo Beach

Big Ocean Views from This Original Hollywood Riviera Home

Big Ocean Views on Paseo De La Playa in the Hollywood Riviera

414 Paseo De La Playa, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Original condition home for a remodel or new build

While this home is technically on the non-ocean front side of Paseo De La Playa, it offers huge views at a much more reasonable price.

Listed by John Briscoe of Re/Max Estate Properties the home was built in 1955 and pretty much looking like a house built in 1955 so it’s all about the views and location. 

This 1950s single family home it sits right at the base of Paseo De La Playa so other than straight west….it doesn’t have any houses blocking the views to the north west making for big views down the coastline, beach and of the ocean.

Although it’s clean and appears to be in good shape, the home is definitely either a big remodel project or the site of future new construction as it’s in original condition.

Priced at $2,699,000 it’s definitely the future site of something awesome.

414 Paseo De La Playa Basics

  • Listed at $2,699,000
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1,529 square feet
  • Built in 1955
  • Listed by John Briscoe – Re/Max Estate Properties – 310-378-9889

414 Paseo De La Playa, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 - $2,699,000

Any information relating to a property referenced on this web site comes from CRMLS. This web site may reference real estate listing(s) held by a brokerage firm other than the broker and/or agent who owns this website. The accuracy of all information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be personally verified through personal inspection by and/or with the appropriate professionals.
Village Palos Verdes Townhomes

Just Sold in the Hollywood Riviera – See Our Latest Torrance Home Sale

Just sold! - See Our Latest Home Sale in the Hollywood Riviera

445 Camino De Las Colinas, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Congratulations to our wonderful clients

While the mailing address may show Redondo Beach, the homes of Village Palos Verdes in the Hollywood Riviera are definitely in the city of Torrance.

We are thrilled to announce this latest home sale in Torrance California. 

Congratulations to our wonderful buyers on this wonderful ocean view townhome in the community of Village Palos Verdes!  This is the home that they had been looking for!

445 Camino De Las Colinas had been nicely updated and remodeled with a clean coastal look and feel. 

This three story home offered a bonus room on the lowest level along with garage access and laundry.  The main level featured a beautiful open concept layout with some nice ocean views.  The top level featured 2 bedrooms each with their own bathroom.  The primary suite had incredible ocean and coastline views!

We’re so happy for our clients and wanted to thank them for putting their trust in us.

445 Camino De Las Colinas By the Numbers

445 Camino De Las Colinas, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 - Just Sold!

Any information relating to a property referenced on this web site comes from CRMLS. This web site may reference real estate listing(s) held by a brokerage firm other than the broker and/or agent who owns this website. The accuracy of all information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be personally verified through personal inspection by and/or with the appropriate professionals.
Beautiful open concept living rooms.

Torrance Real Estate Recap for July 2023 – 87 Sold Homes

Welcome to the month that was for real estate in TorranceWindsong Plaza Del Amo Torrance California.

It was another solid month for home sales in Torrance CA with 87 closed escrows during July 2023.  That was very similar to the prior month that saw 89 homes sell and close escrow.

Listing prices averaged a very impressive $1,003,348 with the average sold price at $1,023,077 meaning that homes generally sold well above the asking price.

The average dollar per square foot for the homes that sold in May was $697 and the average DOM was 25 before going into escrow.

See how that compares with other months on our Torrance real estate trends and statistics page.

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July 2023 Home Sales and Prices in Torrance CA

Type Address Price $ Per Sq Feet Bed/Bath Sq Feet Age
CONDO/D 22486 Denker AVE #7 $750,000 $455 3/2,0,1,0 1650/A 2009/ASR
SFR/D 1429 W 222nd ST $870,000 $737 3/1,1,0,0 1181/A 1955/ASR
CONDO/A 23320 Marigold AVE #P204 $425,000 $534 2/1,0,0,0 796/A 1973/ASR
CONDO/A 20632 S Vermont AVE #19 $425,000 $648 1/1,0,0,0 656/A 1978/ASR
CONDO/A 20559 S Vermont AVE #2 $426,000 $644 1/1,0,0,0 661/A 1982/ASR
CONDO 20704 S Vermont AVE #9 $490,000 $506 2/2,0,0,0 969/ 1978
TWNHS/A 22316 Harbor Ridge LN #1 $660,000 $448 3/3,0,0,0 1472/A 1979/ASR
TWNHS/A 23415 S Vermont AVE #C $715,000 $494 3/2,0,1,0 1447/A 1996/ASR
SFR/D 23003 Berendo AVE $726,000 $841 3/1,0,0,0 863/AP 1951/ASR
SFR/D 1044 W 220th ST $750,000 $756 2/1,0,0,0 992/A 1952/ASR
SFR/D 23008 Meyler AVE $785,000 $807 3/1,0,0,0 973/A 1951/ASR
CONDO/D 1153 Gian DR $820,000 $468 3/3,0,0,0 1753/A 1983/APP
SFR/D 924 Sorock DR $835,000 $712 3/1,0,0,0 1172/A 1956/ASR
TWNHS/D 24221 Madison ST #B $1,100,000 $526 4/2,1,0,0 2090/A 2007/ASR
SFR/D 2525 Ridgeland RD $1,363,000 $700 4/2,0,0,0 1946/A 1955/ASR
CONDO/A 2940 Carson Street #109 $604,000 $642 2/2,0,0,0 941/A 1962/ASR
CONDO/A 2605 Sepulveda BLVD #126 $680,000 $561 2/2,0,0,0 1212/A 2003/ASR
TWNHS/A 2800 Plaza Del Amo #288 $750,000 $633 2/3,0,0,0 1185/A 1988/ASR
TWNHS/A 2971 Plaza Del Amo #251 $760,000 $641 2/3,0,0,0 1186/A 1985/ASR
TWNHS/A 2801 Sepulveda BLVD #62 $860,000 $475 3/2,0,1,0 1811/A 1994/ASR
SFR/D 3342 Torrance BLVD $1,010,000 $885 3/1,0,0,0 1141/A 1951/PUB
SFR/D 821 Cranbrook AVE $1,050,000 $957 3/1,0,0,0 1097/A 1951/ASR
SFR/D 1731 Iris AVE $1,250,000 $777 3/2,0,0,0 1608/A 1954/ASR
SFR/D 2933 Sonoma ST $1,325,000 $721 4/1,1,0,0 1839/A 1974/ASR
SFR/D 3310 El Dorado ST $1,800,000 $492 5/4,0,0,0 3656/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 1610 Juniper AVE $1,858,000 $578 5/4,0,0,0 3212/A 2002/ASR
CONDO/A 22829 Nadine CIR #B $525,000 $470 1/1,0,1,0 1117/A 1963/ASR
CONDO/A 22869 Nadine CIR $570,000 $589 2/1,0,1,0 967/A 1963/ASR
CONDO/A 22621 Maple AVE $626,000 $659 1/2,0,0,0 950/A 1963/ASR
SFR/D 2719 W 225th $1,098,000 $646 4/1,1,0,0 1700/A 1960/ASR
SFR/D 22723 Juniper Ave. $2,030,000 $738 4/3,0,1,0 2752/A 1996/ASR
SFR/D 4217 Paseo De Las Tortugas $1,350,000 $616 4/1,1,0,0 2191/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 5114 Via El Sereno $1,560,000 $973 3/2,0,0,0 1603/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 4511 Via Corona $2,089,000 $678 3/1,2,0,0 3083/A 1971/ASR
CONDO 4040 W 226th ST $877,000 $520 2/2,0,1,0 1685/A 1981/ASR
SFR/D 22544 Susana AVE $1,050,000 $959 3/1,0,0,0 1095/A 1952/ASR
SFR/D 5520 Palos Verdes BLVD $1,195,000 $955 3/2,0,0,0 1251/A 1952/PUB
SFR/D 23143 Grant AVE $1,300,000 $671 4/1,1,0,0 1936/A 1961/ASR
SFR/D 23205 Carlow RD $1,335,500 $786 3/2,0,1,0 1700/AP 1960/ASR
SFR/D 22909 Kathryn AVE $1,349,000 $901 3/2,0,0,0 1498/A 1954/PUB
SFR/D 22643 Draille DR $1,490,831 $815 3/2,0,0,0 1830/A 1953/ASR
SFR/D 22427 Linda Drive $1,518,000 $783 3/2,0,1,0 1938/D 1952/ASR
CONDO/A 21345 Hawthorne Blvd #220 $425,000 $664 1/1,0,0,0 640/A 2005/ASR
SFR/D 4609 Merrill ST $1,050,000 $904 3/2,0,0,0 1162/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 21330 Anza AVE $1,120,000 $717 3/2,0,0,0 1562/A 1956/PUB
SFR/D 21301 Ocean AVE $1,140,000 $960 3/1,1,0,0 1188/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 21426 Anza $1,250,000 $801 3/2,0,0,0 1561/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 5207 Lenore ST $1,300,000 $800 3/1,1,0,0 1626/AP 1956/PUB
SFR/D 5020 Carmen ST $1,350,000 $1,084 3/2,0,0,0 1245/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 4002 Merrill ST $1,400,000 $878 3/2,0,0,0 1595/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 5114 Carmen ST $1,440,000 $935 3/1,1,0,0 1540/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 5510 Glenn PL $1,765,000 $867 3/2,0,0,0 2036/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 4830 Carmelynn St $1,135,000 $1,021 3/1,0,0,0 1112/A 1955/APP
SFR/D 5513 Konya DR $1,575,000 $773 4/3,0,0,0 2037/A 1959/ASR
SFR/D 19515 Anza AVE $1,600,000 $904 4/2,0,0,0 1770/A 1973/PUB
TWNHS/A 3460 W 170th ST $700,000 $454 3/2,0,1,0 1542/A 1974/ASR
SFR/D 3120 W 186th ST $760,000 $969 2/1,0,0,0 784/A 1950/ASR
SFR/D 3810 W 173rd ST $815,000 $612 3/2,0,0,0 1332/A 1955/APP
SFR/D 4022 W 176th ST $875,000 $754 3/1,0,1,0 1161/A 1952/PUB
SFR/D 3110 W 180th PL $905,000 $737 3/2,0,0,0 1228/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 18321 Glenburn AVE $915,000 $792 3/2,0,0,0 1155/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 3927 W 170th ST $938,000 $841 3/1,0,1,0 1116/A 1953/ASR
SFR/D 18907 Cranbrook AVE $960,000 $666 3/2,0,0,0 1442/A 1953/ASR
SFR/D 4232 W 179th ST $1,200,000 $552 4/2,0,1,0 2175/A 1950/ASR
SFR/D 2318 W 182nd ST $725,000 $622 3/1,1,0,0 1166/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 2103 W 162nd $820,000 $657 3/2,0,0,0 1249/A 1932/OTH
SFR/D 2214 W 171st ST $845,000 $589 3/2,0,0,0 1435/AP 1956/ASR
SFR/D 2001 W 180th PL $880,000 $697 3/2,0,0,0 1263/A 1957/ASR
SFR 18116 Gramercy PL $900,000 $741 3/2,0,0,0 1215/ 1957
SFR/D 16510 Haas AVE $945,000 $555 3/2,0,0,0 1704/A 1950/ASR
SFR/D 17914 Casimir AVE $1,010,000 $578 3/2,0,0,0 1746/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 2204 W 164th ST $1,015,000 $705 3/2,0,0,0 1439/A 1951/ASR
SFR/D 3765 W 171st ST $1,128,000 $493 4/2,0,0,0 2290/AP 1953/ASR
SFR/D 2108 W 161 ST $1,181,000 $634 3/2,0,0,0 1863/A 1956/OTH
CONDO/A 2742 Cabrillo AVE #303 $399,000 $596 1/1,0,0,0 670/A 2006/ASR
CONDO/A 2742 Cabrillo AVE #102 $415,000 $619 1/1,0,0,0 670/A 2006/ASR
CONDO/A 1301 Cabrillo AVE #413 $625,000 $934 2/1,0,0,0 669/A 1993/ASR
CONDO/A 2130 Plaza Del Amo #138 $750,000 $538 2/3,0,0,0 1394/A 1979/ASR
TWNHS/A 1863 213th ST $830,000 $504 2/2,0,1,0 1646/OTH 2000/ASR
TWNHS/A 1626 Gramercy AVE $850,000 $512 3/3,0,0,0 1660/A 2010/ASR
SFR/D 2409 W Carson ST $900,000 $450 4/2,0,1,0 2000/E 1925/ASR
SFR/D 1019 Amapola Avenue AVE $1,150,000 $821 3/1,0,0,0 1400/A 1925/ASR
DPLX/D 2439 Andreo AVE $1,300,000 $542 5/3,0,0,0 2400/A 1942/ASR
SFR/D 2312 Santa Fe AVE $1,498,000 $617 4/2,0,1,0 2426/A 1977/ASR
SFR/D 2446 W 231 ST $888,335 $683 3/1,1,0,0 1300/S 1952/SLR
SFR/D 2462 West 233rd Street $980,000 $714 3/1,1,0,0 1373/A 1958/ASR
SFR/D 2015 W 236th PL $1,305,000 $774 3/2,0,0,0 1685/A 1964/ASR
Windsong Plaza Del Amo Torrance

See the 89 Torrance Home Sales in June 2023

Torrance real estate recap for June 2023

Welcome to the month that was for home sales and home prices in Torrance California. 

After a very slow first few months of the year things definitely heated up in the market for summer.   There were  89 on market home sales during June 2023 which was a bit more than the 80 sales in May and more than double the homes that sold in January and February of this year.

The average list price  was a very impressive $1,028,725 with the average sold price at $1,059,573 meaning that homes generally sold over the asking price.

The average dollar per square foot for the homes that sold in May was $665 and the average days on market was a brief 20 before going into escrow.

See how that compares with other months on our Torrance real estate trends and statistics page.

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Torrance Home Sales and Prices for June 2023

Prop Type AddressSold Price$ Per Sq FtBed/BedSq FeetAge
TWNHS/A1520 W227th ST #8$675,000$503.733/3,0,0,01340/A2007/ASR
SFR1530 W211th ST$780,000$569.343/2,0,0,01370/1978
SFR/D20840Brighton AVE$825,000$603.513/1,1,0,01367/A1955/PUB
SFR/D1454221st ST W$937,000$520.563/1,2,0,01800/A1955/ASR
CONDO/A20632 SVermont AVE #21$400,000$609.761/1,0,0,0656/A1978/ASR
SFR/D20513New Hampshire AVE$560,000$746.673/1,0,0,0750/A1950/ASR
TWNHS/A22339Harbor Ridge LN #4$627,000$574.182/2,0,0,01092/A1979/ASR
CONDO/A22533 SVermont AVE #52$630,000$433.293/2,0,1,01454/A1980/ASR
CONDO/A22264Poppy Court$799,000$514.823/1,2,0,01552/B2021/BLD
SFR/D1052Greenhedge ST$818,000$612.733/1,1,0,01335/E1953/EST
SFR/D1256jasmine walk$850,000$466.523/2,0,1,01822/E2005/BLD
CONDO/A3230Merrill Dr #64$690,000$555.112/2,0,0,01243/A1964/ASR
TWNHS/A2800Plaza Del Amo #31$775,000$712.322/2,0,1,01088/A1989/ASR
SFR/D1215Teri AVE$805,000$626.463/2,0,0,01285/A1951/ASR
CONDO/A2567Plaza Del Amo #201$820,000$703.862/2,0,1,01165/A1985/ASR
TWNHS/A2971Plaza Del Amo #253$865,000$598.623/3,0,0,01445/A1985/ASR
SFR/D1109Eriel AVE$875,000$827.813/1,0,0,01057/A1951/ASR
SFR3408Emerald ST$1,220,000$796.863/2,0,0,01531/1957
TWNHS/D2815Sepulveda BLVD #27$1,225,000$520.394/3,0,0,02354/A2001/ASR
SFR/D920Hickory AVE$1,250,000$799.743/2,0,0,01563/A2001/SEE
SFR/D20515Eastwood AVE$1,268,000$725.403/2,0,0,01748/A1958/PUB
SFR/D1411Elm AVE$1,907,730$748.133/2,0,1,02550/A2015/ASR
CONDO/A22855Nadine Circle #B$482,500$507.892/1,0,1,0950/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A24410Crenshaw BLVD #226$496,000$491.092/1,1,0,01010/A1987/ASR
CONDO/A22702Nadine CIR #A$545,000$487.912/1,1,0,01117/A1963/PUB
CONDO/A22918Nadine Circle #B$549,000$577.891/1,0,1,0950/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22857Nadine CIR #B$549,000$491.502/2,0,0,01117/A1963/PUB
CONDO/A22741Nadine CIR #A$570,000$600.002/1,0,1,0950/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22621Nadine CIR #A$577,500$517.011/2,0,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22728Nadine CIR #B$608,000$544.322/2,0,0,01117/A1963/ASR
CONDO/A22717 #AMaple AVE$661,000$591.762/0,2,0,01117/A1963/ASR
SFR/D3430 W228th PL$1,075,000$671.884/1,1,0,01600/E1954/ASR
SFR/D3604 W230th ST$1,100,000$600.763/2,0,0,01831/A1958/ASR
SFR/D3510 W229th ST$1,130,000$933.113/2,0,0,01211/A1954/ASR
SFR/D3510 W227th ST$1,187,000$719.393/2,0,0,01650/A1954/PUB
SFR/D3603 W227th ST$1,400,000$894.003/1,1,1,01566/P1955/PUB
SFR/D23401Shadycroft AVE$1,300,000$1,048.393/1,0,1,01240/A1954/SEE
SFR/D4724Newton Street$1,350,000$820.174/1,1,0,01646/A1963/ASR
SFR/D5402Calle Mayor$1,400,500$1,140.473/1,0,1,01228/A1954/ASR
SFR/D4028Paseo De Las Tortugas$1,525,000$779.653/2,0,1,01956/A1967/PUB
CONDO/A22717Nadine CIR #B$547,000$489.702/2,0,0,01117/A1963/ASR
SFR/D22306Anza AVE$955,000$884.263/0,1,0,01080/A1953/ASR
SFR/D4438 W238th ST$1,260,000$629.374/2,0,0,02002/A1962/ASR
SFR/D4205 W226th ST$1,275,000$659.604/1,1,0,01933/A1953/ASR
SFR/D23550Leyte DR$1,450,000$749.744/2,0,0,01934/A1962/ASR
SFR/D23111Audrey AVE$2,108,888$721.484/4,0,0,02923/A1990/ASR
CONDO/A21345Hawthorne BLVD #418$825,000$629.773/2,0,0,01310/A2005/ASR
SFR/D21614Talisman ST$1,025,000$872.343/2,0,0,01175/A1956/ASR
SFR/A4912Narrot ST$930,000$840.873/1,0,0,01106/A1954/PUB
TWNHS/A4530Spencer ST$969,000$470.393/2,0,1,02060/A1984/ASR
SFR/D4618Bulova ST$1,225,000$804.333/1,0,0,01523/OTH1954/ASR
SFR/D5420Carmelynn ST$1,451,000$628.685/3,0,0,02308/A1956/ASR
SFR/D20610Victor ST$1,562,200$712.684/3,0,0,02192/A1965/APP
SFR/D3717 W186th ST$725,000$581.863/1,1,0,01246/A1956/ASR
SFR/A3817 W186th ST$795,000$654.323/2,0,0,01215/A1956/PUB
SFR/D4223Artesia BLVD$880,000$688.043/2,0,0,01279/AP1953/ASR
SFR/D17011Osage AVE$907,000$680.423/2,0,0,01333/A1951/ASR
SFR/D3419 W186th ST$1,025,000$549.894/3,1,0,01864/A1950/ASR
SFR/D3816 W180th ST$1,090,000$753.804/3,0,0,01446/A1954/APP
SFR16717Elgar AVE$1,147,500$681.824/2,0,0,01683/1954
SFR/D18022Doty AVE$1,200,000$862.073/1,1,0,01392/A1954/APP
SFR/D17038Glenburn AVE$1,325,000$744.383/3,0,0,01780/E1950/ASR
SFR/D18009Cordary AVE$1,360,000$576.764/3,0,0,02358/A1966/ASR
SFR/D4038 W179th ST$1,545,000$586.345/3,0,0,02635/A1985/ASR
SFR/D17515Falda AVE$1,665,000$704.024/3,0,0,02365/A2018/ASR
SFR/D17044Spinning AVE$920,000$565.114/3,0,0,01628/A1956/ASR
SFR/D16911Purche AVE$1,070,000$860.133/2,0,0,01244/A1956/ASR
SFR/D2127 W176th ST$1,175,000$642.434/1,1,0,01829/A1956/ASR
SFR/D18221Taylor CT$1,234,000$604.314/2,0,0,02042/A1961/ASR
SFR/D17115Haas AVE$1,285,000$621.374/2,0,0,02068/A1954/ASR
SFR/D18926Wilton PL$1,288,000$679.325/4,0,0,01896/B1951/BLD
SFR/A1714Arlington AVE$717,500$428.104/3,0,0,01676/A1918/ASR
TWNHS/A1340El Prado #24$915,000$657.333/2,0,1,01392/A1996/ASR
SFR/D808Crenshaw BLVD$920,000$759.083/2,0,0,01212/A1942/PUB
SFR/D819Cota AVE$962,220$1,107.272/2,0,0,0869/A1923/ASR
TWNHS/A2303Jefferson ST #1211$1,258,000$554.194/3,0,1,02270/A2010/ASR
SFR/D1635Post AVE$1,260,000$803.573/2,0,0,01568/A1927/ASR
SFR/D1824Marinette ST$1,275,000$503.164/3,0,0,02534/A1949/PUB
SFR1313Beech AVE$1,369,000$577.153/2,0,0,02372/1929/ASR
CONDO/D23915Arlington AVE #3$650,000$427.353/2,0,1,01521/A1986/ASR
SFR/D22952Cabrillo AVE$986,000$738.023/1,1,0,01336/P1948/PUB
SFR/D1923Middlebrook RD$1,190,000$801.893/2,0,0,01484/A1948/PUB
SFR/D1838 W244th ST$1,200,000$524.484/3,0,0,02288/A1964/PUB
SFR/D2427 W234th ST$1,275,000$685.483/2,0,1,01860/P1972/PUB
SFR/D1931W 236th St$1,700,000$592.755/3,0,1,02868/P1999/PUB
SFR/D2323 W239th ST$1,777,500$496.234/3,0,0,03582/A1989/ASR
SFR/D2322 W239th ST$2,000,000$471.814/1,2,1,04239/A1991/ASR

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