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Welcome to the beautiful city of Torrance CA, the heart of the South Bay in Los Angeles.  Torrance is a diverse community and the largest city in the South Bay enjoying a variety of cultural influences and offering something for everyone.  

From beautiful Torrance Beach, to charming dining and retail areas of Riviera Village and Old Town Torrance there are an abundance of places to visit and things to do.

Given the proximity to the beach (Torrance actually has a beach despite many not realizing it) and the ideal climate, Torrance offers an abundance of outdoor activities.  From summer days on the beach to the incredible activities offered at Wilson Park, it’s an ideal place to live and work.


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Torrance has an abundance of areas to go for a great meal or to spend with friends.  From historic downtown area of Old Town Torrance to the charming area of Riviera Village with an abundance of places to enjoy in just about every corner of Torrance



22-25 Jackson Avenue


48th Ave. & 50st St.


22-25 Jackson Avenue

Dress coffee

22-25 Jackson Avenue

Arion Restaurant

22-25 Jackson Avenue

Rock coffee

22-25 Jackson Avenue


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