Selling your home in Torrance can be a stressful process. Making the decision to sell, preparing the home for sale, keeping it clean, dealing with showings and open house, search for the right buyer, negotiating offers, and going through the escrow and inspection process…all of these steps can be challenging, stressful and inconvenient. Selling a home both a huge financial transaction but also a very emotional process.

With the help of the right realtor you can get it done, and it may even be easier than you anticipate. Keep in mind that you’re not alone.  An experienced, professional real estate agent can guide you through the process, help resolve any issues that come up, and ensure that your home sells for the optimal price in a timely manner.  It’s critical to find a realtor that you trust as it will make the process far less stressful.  Here are some of the steps:

Choosing a Realtor

Like choosing any service professional it’s important to do your homework before deciding on a real estate agent. Your home purchase or sale likely represents one of the most significant financial transactions of your life, and you definitely want to find the right person for you.  Not all sellers are the same and not all realtors are the same….find the right match is important.

Abilities, production and knowledge matter.  You want someone with experience, knowledge of your home, neighborhood and market, and a Realtor with a proven track record of successful closings.  Keep in mind that you pay most agents the same commission so do your homework and find out which agents do more, sell more, and have a record of success.  Also read online reviews and ask around.  See our reviews and testimonials on Zillow and Yelp

Pricing Your Home

When you want to sell your home, one of the most important steps is setting a price. To best determine what your home is really worth, you’ll need to put aside your personal feelings about the home and ask yourself what homebuyers may actually be willing to pay. It is usually detrimental to base your asking price on emotion and can actually cost you in the long run. Although the home means a great deal to you, homebuyers aren’t likely to take that into account.  Unfortunately what are upgrades to some, may mean some remodeling to others.  Let your realtor give you their honest and professional opinion based on homes they’ve seen, market conditions and a realistic understanding of how potential buyers will see the home.

Market conditions are likely to have the most significant impact on the sale price of your home, so take note of whether the homes in your area are priced high or low and if they’re selling quickly.  Successful realtors will know how your home compares with other homes on the market and recent sales.  This unbiased opinion is critical in coming up with the market value of your home

Feel free to contact me for an opinion of your Torrance home’s proper selling price. I can provide you with a marketing consultation and information about property values in your area. I have been one of the top agents in the Redondo area for over a decade and can use that experience and knowledge to help guide you successfully through the process from start to finish.

Getting the Process Moving

Once you decide to sell your home, you want the process to go quickly. But what do buyers want? It varies with the needs of each individual, but typically buyers are looking for a good neighborhood, good schools,  a clean home that is priced appropriately.

You can’t control all of these factors, but there are some things you can do to make your home sell faster. Start by realizing that you’re competing with other sellers, so your price must be competitive. If it’s not, potential buyers are likely to take their business elsewhere.  Ask your realtor to show you some competing homes and get a sense of why some homes sell quickly and others don’t.

You can also increase the perceived value of your home by adding a few welcoming touches and cleaning it up – both inside and out. Although you can’t do much to change your neighborhood, you can focus on the positive aspects of the area when speaking with potential buyers.

Find out more about Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International Real Estate or contact me via email, phone or text.


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Keith Kyle
Keith Kyle is a top real estate agent in the South Bay and focuses on the cities of Torrance, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach. Helping both buyers and sellers Keith is a local expert in the Torrance market with South Bay Brokers and has been one of the top agents in the area since 2007.

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